St. Rita competes in the Chicago Catholic League (CCL). St. Rita was one of the eight founding members of the league in 1912, and one of five remaining charter members. The school is also a member of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA), the organization which governs most sports and competitive activities in the state.
St. Rita was founded in 1905 and in 1908 the first football team was founded. At that time there was a Cook County League loosely representing most of the schools in the greater Chicagoland area, Catholic and Public; teams made arrangements with individual teams, and there wasn’t much formal organization.
In 1912, the Chicago Catholic League was formed to organize the Catholic schools into competitive groups. Shortly thereafter, a new Chicago Public League superseded the Cook County League, with suburban schools looking for their own conference arrangements in a new Suburban League. But, even with this more formal arrangement, schools were not forced to remain in a particular alignment.
St. Rita has enjoyed a stellar history in sports over the last one hundred years, with numerous national, state, city and conference championships in a variety of sports. Through the years, particular sports have been added and dropped, and sometimes reinstated, as conditions and the interests of the student body change. At present, St. Rita offers competitive level in 16 sports. Lineups are also fielded as club teams or intramural squads, and that doesn’t even touch on the numerous activities offered at St. Rita, some IHSA state sponsored.
While some of the greatest rivalries and traditions remain within the Chicago Catholic League (for example the Kennedy Cup or the St. Rita vs. Mt. Carmel Rivalry), one could never discount those between the Catholic and Public Leagues (for example, the Chicago Prep Bowl); with more organizational control of high school sports exerted by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) over the last 30 years, contests between upstate and downstate teams are now a regular occurrence (for example, the State Championship Series). Through it all, St. Rita of Cascia High School has been a major participant and a major contributor.

*Some text taken from St. Rita of Cascia High School, Centennial Rememberance. 2005 by Richard P. Bessette